When you are asked for a password, trestle boards can be accessed by typing in all lower case and as one word the surname of our operative Grand Master. A word made up of four letters, meaning his father. A title of distinction.

(Think third degree)

Okay, let me make this a little clearer

As an example: 

1. At the bottom of this document their is a link for the trestle board. 

2. Click on Trestle board link. 

3.Adobe Acrobat will now load, and it will ask you for a password.  Follow the above directions and you will see the trestle board from this month!  Simple now that we explained it right?  But seriously, it is all designed to stop the wrong people from looking at things they should not be looking at.  Protecting our members is foremost on our minds!


In your humble service I remain,


Trestle Board Link