44 Things Masonry Provides

By Wor. Bro. Tom Thornton

From the NJ Freemason List Server Wed Feb 6th 2007 7:40 am (pst), reproduced with Permission

This file is copyright (c) 2007 Tom Thornton tomthornton@nac.net

Masonry provides a place for a person who:
    1. enjoys leadership, to become a leader
    2. enjoys public speaking performance (ritual)
    3. likes public speaking, to give lectures
    4. wonders about man's history, to study same
    5. would like to write,  the opportunity
    6. would like to be an actor
    7. who desires to develop the inner self
    8. likes the pomp of ceremony
    9. likes conventions and meetings
    10. likes to be away from home, but not the bar scene
    11. likes to spend time on the internet
    12. likes to be known ( titles)
    13. to get and enjoy self esteem
    14. to enjoy something outside the rat race of life
    15. to use his musical talent, vocal or keyboard
    16. to become an authority on something
    17. to find the reason and purpose of life, ( to study ) unencumbered by traditional schools of thought
    18. to have male companionship and conversation without competition
    19. a place to go without the wife
    20. a place to work with youth, DeMolay, Rainbow & Jobs' Daughters
    21. a place to interact with other like-minded men in seeking goals beyond the lives of any individual, a "friendship in the good"
    22. a place to enjoy learning about other Masons and their contributions to humanity
    23. a place to meet other good men beyond the confines of one's church, temple, synagogue or other place of worship
    24. a place to facilitate involvement with practicing charities
25. provides membership in a exclusive club
26. provides membership in a 'secret' order
27. provides prestige of belonging to a world wide organization
28. provides circle of professional friends
29. provides activity and interest to retired men
30. provides security for future needs, ( the Masonic home )
31. an organization that regards all men as equal, regardless of their religion or socio-economic position
32. an organization where 'just being a member' is appreciated
33. an organization with members who are generally like minded
34. an organization of which there is great internal pride
35. an organization where charity contributions are not diluted by expense
36. an organization that has more written about it than any other
37. an organization that can become a full time way of life
38. an organization that encourages self help and improvement
39. an organization that provides suppport and aid to members in need
40. an organization that provides manpower and money to many local youth groups
41. an organization that is concerned for the well being of all mankind
42. an organization that is concerned for the widows and orphans of its brothers
43. an organization that contributes over one million dollars a day to charity  ( combined results of American Masonry)
44. an excellent alternative to the bars and pool halls

Tom Thornton
(Madison Lodge    Nbr 93, Madison    NJ USA)
(Cincinnati Lodge Nbr  3, Morristown NJ USA)