Famous Freemasons

Here is a sampling from the list of famous Freemasons  The list of all of the recognized names may be too large to include here.  But this is a good start.

A More Complete List Can Be Found Here

Benjamin Franklin: Inventor, author and statesman, Grand Master Of PA, and member of the Lodge Of Nine Sisters in Paris
Paul Revere: American metal smith and patriot.
Marquis de Lafayette: French aristocrat who fought with American colonists against the British.  He was a good friend Of George Washington
Robert R. Livingston:  Member of the Constitutional Committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence. Robert R. Livingston
John Hancock: President of the Continental Congress from 1775 - 1777, and famous for signing his name so large on the Declaration of Independence so that "King George can read it without his spectacles." 
John Marshall:  Chief Justice of the United States and principal founder of American constitutional law and the Supreme Court of the United States' power of judicial review.
John Paul Jones:  Scottish born seaman, he became a naval hero and 'Father of the U. S. Navy'. He later commanded Russian naval ships in their war against the Ottoman empire.

Aaron Burr

Davy Crockett
Jim Bowie Go to fullsize image

Sam Houston


Christopher "Kit" Carson
William "Buffalo Bill" Cody
Lewis and Clark
Charles Lindbergh
John Glenn
Gordon Cooper: (March 6, 1927 October 4, 2004) was an American astronaut. He was one of the original astronauts in Project Mercury, the first manned-space effort by the United States.
Virgil "Gus" Grissom
Wally Schirra
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
Admiral Robert Edwin Peary
Matthew Henson
Robert Falcon Scott
Admiral Richard E. Byrd
Sir. Ernest Shackleton
Edward Jenner:  Discoverer of the cure for Smallpox, also inventor of the concept of vaccination
Joseph Lister
Alexander Fleming
Vannevar Bush
The Ringling Brothers:  All seven of them. Ringling Tickets
Florenz Zigfield
William "Count" Basie
Lionel Hampton
Louis B. Mayer
Jack L. Warner
Carl Laemmle
Darryl F. Zanuck
Cecil B. DeMille
D. W. Griffith
Douglas Fairbanks
John Wayne
Clark Gable
Harry Houdini (Erich Weiss)
W. C. Fields
Harpo Marx
Red Skelton
Richard Pryor
Bronson Pinchot
Peter Sellers
Ernest Borgnine
Telly Savalas
Audie Murphy
Leonardo DiCaprio
Mel Blanc
Michael Richards Go to fullsize image
Sugar Ray Robinson  
Jack Dempsey  
Charlie Conacher  
John Elway  
Skottie Pippin  
Sam Hornish, jr.  
Eddie Rickenbacker  
General Blackjack Pershing  
Jimmie Doolittle  
General Douglas MacArther  
General Omar Bradley  
George Marshal  
Arthur Wellesley, The Duke Of Wellington  
Brigadeer General Lewis Armisttead  
General George Pickett  
Major George Armistead  
Francis Scott Key  
John Stafford Smith  
James McHenry  
Henry Ford  
Walter P. Chrysler  
Ransom E. Olds  
Andre Citroen  
Harry Stutz  
Nathan Meyer Rothschild  
John Jacob Astor  
James C. Penny  
Charles Hilton  
David Sarnoff  
Colonel Harland Sanders  
Dave Thomas  
Steve Wozniak  
Sir Winston Churchill  
J. Edgar Hoover  
Fiorello Laguardia  
Senator Robert Byrd  
Senator Robert Dole  
Kin Hussein  
Benito Juarez  
William IV  
Edward VII  
Edward VIII  
George IV  
George VI  
HRH Prince Edward, The Duke Of Kent, Grand Master Of England  
Josiah Henson  
Booker T. Washington  
W.E.B. DuBois  
Julian Bond  
Benjamin Hooks  
Kweisi Mfume  
Thurgood Marshall  
Medger Evers  
Jessie Jackson  
Al Sharpton  
Thomas Bradley  
Willie Brown  
Carl Stokes  
Andrew Young  
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  
Joseph Haydn  
Jean Sibelius  
Alexander Pushkin  
Jonathon Swift  
Alexander Pope  
Oscar Wilde  
Giovanni Casanove  
Robert Robbie Burns  
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  
Alex Haley  
Sir Walter Scott  
Mark Twain