The Newly Made Past Master

The season is upon us, and the year is under reflection, at the level sits the future, at the square stands the past. The sacred ballot has spoken, and the Brother's wishes are known.

It is time to close the Lodge and prepare for the new year.

The final gavel falls, the Secretary's pen marks the hour. With the announcement of the Pursuivant and the retort of the tyler, his record is complete and the new Past Master reviews his time.

To his care was entrusted the jewel of the Lodge, his own scrutiny the most severe. How was each Brother tended to? How had the health of the Lodge progressed?

To his credit, many lessons were learned from which he too would reap future rewards. Listening to his Brothers; deciding difficult matters; learning to act at the same time as the leader of men and their humble servant.

Removing the square from his neck, both a great weight was lifted and a personal sorrow felt: knowing that it would be soon passed to another, as intense, qualified and full of desire as he; knowing that the lessons he learned to treasure would soon become the lessons and treasures of his successor.

Removing the apron from his waist and gazing upon those empty chairs, he remembered how the support of each officer and member made the Lodge work and the past year successful.

The lights of the Lodge now dimmed, he gazed on the softened lines of the closed altar, the power of the warrant now silent. The past to him now looking strangely vague as does the future.

Neither different than the hundreds before him, nor different than the thousands turning back....the lessons ingrained....his advancement strong....a good man made better at the forge of Masonry.

Worshipful Brother, General, and President....... Past Master George Washington then departed Alexandria Lodge No. 22.