Program Planning For Meetings And Events

  Ever wonder if there is more to your meetings then you are doing?  Ever feel tired of doing all the talking?  I am glad you are thinking that way, because there needs to be more in a meeting than what is in the basic Lodges agenda.  Sure on big nights we may score some entertainment, saving for guests the inspiring times but for the day to day meetings we neglect to entertain our loyal members with something to energize their minds.   
  The Competition Is Tough.  
  According to the annual report of NBC Studios, they spend on Wednesday nights, (The night J. Simpson Africa Meets) seven million dollars to entertain you. ($7,246,549.03 to be exact) That little box with the picture tube is what you are fighting against. (And it even comes to your home.) If you gave me just over seven million to plan entertainment for a meeting I assure you I could cook up one heck of a meeting!  I would even consider doing it for just the seven million and you could keep the rest!  so we need to pull out all the stops here.  We agree that our members time is valuable, how are we to select what to fill it with.  If you search your own members you will find a wealth of information on their various vocations and the stories of them. but you can find also in your surrounding community plenty of talent in people who want to become known to your members.  Or perform speaking duties for the public service.  I remember Veterans day, I wanted something special for the meeting, and I found the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier web page and emailed them to ask if they had a film I could show at my November meeting.  I soon received a call from a retired tomb guard who said: "I don't have a film, so how about if I send you a Tomb Guard?"  Nice Program! Reach them at: or by email at Phone contact is (610) 261 4477  
  Like to eat?  
  Here are a couple of real nice ideas, both pleasing to the pallet and the ear.  Near a White Castle? Get a hold a speaker who will give a history of the chain and their vision of the future White Castle can be reached at or by phone at (614)-559-2756 ask for someone from a store near you to come out and deliver the talk and $20.00 gets you refreshments for the evening.  Some stores will throw in the food for free!

Do you like artistic food?  Who among us is not drawn to the guy throwing pies in the pizza parlor window?  Get your local pizza shop to come out and give a demonstration on how to make pizza or calzones!  If his display means your members will patronize his restaurant then he will be glad to come out for that! Call Dave from Kaza's Pizza at (570) 839-8656

  Where did they put the salt this time?  
  Did you ever wonder why the dairy case is all the way at the far end of grocery store? But the cheese cart is with the vegetables and the salad bar?  Did you know there is a entire science to a store?  Visit your local grocery store have them come out and explain the science behind it.  If they play the music slower, you will go walk slower and buy more.  They put impulse items in front of you all the time.  On the average 1/3rd of the items purchased are not on your list.  Find out how this is done. If you do not get anywhere on the local level, get a hold of the home office. I bet they will be happy to help.  
  What are you waiting for? A bus?  
  Trolleys look like busses right?  Wrong.  Busses look like trolleys! find out about that and more from the guy who runs the trolley at Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, PA Drop Paul A Werner Sr. Past Master of  St. John's Lodge #1 of NJ an email if you ask nicely, and if his schedule is clear, he will come out and speak on the program at The Electric City Trolley Museum and maybe bring a film that will bring back some memories.  
  Putting On The Ritz!  
  Do you like high fashion? Need a new Lodge tux? How about contacting a tuxedo store, and putting on a fashion show after the meeting?  Or go to one of their shops as a group.  Make sure there are large size tuxedos as well.  check out CE Roth at or call them at 1-800-359-7054.  
  How about a nice Hawaiian punch? ...... Sure!  
  Is that snow in February getting you down?  How about a pool party?  Our local hotel has an indoor pool that they keep nice and warm all winter.  For the price of a couple of changing rooms VIOLA! you have all the makings for a Hawaiian luau!  This can easily be combined with a Get To Know Us Party, and a fun family event.  
  I am sure you have had other events and ideas that worked out, or did not. If it was a disaster, then save your sisters from the same fate. If it was a success then share the idea. Here is the place to share them Please email them to me at